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Tri-State Senior Softball

Open to all men over 50 and women over 35 from the three-state area

Washington County Senior Softball League (WCSSL) Bat Regulations

Revised 2/9/2019, 3/13/2019, 3/22/2019, 6/17/2020

Certified/Approved: The official bat for WCSSL play must meet all the USA/ASA softball specifications and the requirements of Rule 3, Section 1 (see note 1), AND made up of the knob, handle, grip, barrel and end cap shall be free of burs, dents, cracks, sharp edges, rattles and show no signs of excessive wear or bat “doctoring”. The bat shall be no more than 34” long nor exceed 38 oz in weight.


All males ages 50 – 69 during the calendar year and playing or practicing in the Washington County Senior Softball League (WCSSL) must use “currently approved” USA/ASA (Amateur Softball) slow-pitch softball bats that have been approved & labeled by the WCSSL bat inspector.

  • The ASA approved bat must have either ASA 2000, ASA 2004, ASA 2013 (no year date) or USA Softball 2020 (no year date) Certification Mark and must not be listed on the ASA Non-Approved Bat List with the ASA 2000 or ASA 2004 Certification Mark
  • must be included on a list of approved bat models published by the ASA
  • must, in the sole opinion & discretion of the WCSSL “bat inspector”, have been manufactured prior to 2000 and if tested, would comply with USA/ASA bat performance standard. This includes wooden bats.

All bats must be inspected & approved by the WCSSL “bat inspector” prior to WCSSL batting practice/pre-game warm-up, or games. Please allow 1 to 3 days for bat inspection & approval. The approved bat will be identified with either a Fluorescent Orange (USA/ASA Approved) or Fluorescent Chartreuse (SSUSA Approved) label wrapped around the bat handle with a unique 5 digit number & an alphabetic character that is specific to that bat & WCSSL player. Any WCSSL player caught tampering, transferring or making WCSSL approved labels will be suspended indefinitely. Any male who is age 50 – 69, during the calendar year, getting caught using a SSUSA approved bat or bat that has not been inspected and approved for use, during WCSSL batting practice/warm-ups or games, will not be tolerated. The first offense will result in a verbal warning, and the second offense will result in ejection from the game, and escalation to the Board of Directors.


All males who are age 70 and older, during the calendar year, and all females playing in the WCSSL, may use either ASA or SSUSA (Senior Softball) approved slow-pitch softball bats. Please note that the original gray Miken “Ultra” & the “Monarch” bat, decaled black/neon green, manufactured by Sportsmanshop Enterprises are NOT allowed to be used while playing in the WCSSL.

An up-to-date listing of USA/ASA approved & USA/ASA non-approved bats can be found at the USA/ASA website:


Note 1: see the latest up to date ASA rulebook